Priority Health launches pilot of a new maternity management program, PriorityMOM

(Grand Rapids, Mich. – June 25, 2021) Priority Health, a nationally recognized nonprofit health plan, announced today that it is launching a pilot of a new maternity management program, PriorityMOM™. The goal of this program is not only to walk expectant mothers through their pregnancy, but also to reduce the total cost of maternity care, reduce preterm births and postpartum readmissions and offer support. This pilot will be initially available to most fully funded groups and subscribers.

Information on PriorityMOM will be sent out to members this month. If they qualify and join the program, participants will receive a welcome gift of a blood pressure cuff, a baby sleep sack and an overview of the program. Priority Health is also offering a $50 gift card to mothers upon completion of the program.

Expectant mothers who are enrolled in PriorityMOM will receive additional resources that cover common pregnancy issues such as hypertension, mental health and diabetes. Priority Health has also partnered with Ovia for participants to have access to a free pregnancy tracker and Byram for covered breast pumps.

"As both an insurance provider and part of a healthcare system, we have the ability to collaboratively look at our current maternity management programs, and identify opportunities within both education and care," said Karen Meyerson, Director of Commercial Care Management at Priority Health. "Through the pilot launch of PriorityMOM, we are able to provide our members with an affordable, accessible and innovative maternity program that is geared to meet their needs throughout their pregnancy."

Expansion to other business lines and additional features are anticipated in 2022. More information will be available to expectant mothers in the next few weeks.  

About Priority Health:

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