During these uncertain times, it's more important than ever that you have coverage to get the care you need. Whether you've lost your job, your employment status has changed or you want to see if you qualify for financial assistance, there are options.

Our team of health plan advisors will help determine the best coverage option, based on your specific circumstances.

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Have you lost coverage through your employer and want to continue it?

If you were laid off or lost your job and no longer have health insurance through your employer, you have the option to keep the same plan and extend your policy coverage for up to 36 months through COBRA.

Contact your Human Resources department or visit U.S. Department of Labor for more information.

Has your income decreased significantly? Don’t have income?

If your income has decreased significantly or you have no income due to job loss or lay off, you may be eligible for a Healthy Michigan plan (Michigan’s federally-funded Medicaid plan that offers low to no-cost health care benefits).

  • Check eligibility and apply.
  • Call Michigan Enrolls at 888.367.6557 (TTY users call 711) and ask to get your coverage through Priority Health. If you don't select a carrier, one will be auto-assigned for you.

Have you lost employer coverage but can’t afford to continue it?

If you’ve lost your job and no longer have health coverage from your employer but still have some household income, you have options for coverage:

No gap in coverage combination

  • Our “no gap in coverage” combination provides immediate + long-term coverage.
  • The combination includes a short-term plan for immediate coverage until enrollment in an Affordable Care Act plan becomes effective through the Healthcare Marketplace.
  • This combination is especially helpful for those consumers who qualify for a Federal subsidy. See if you qualify for cost savings.

Deductible credit available

  • If you lost employer-sponsored coverage and enroll in an ACA Individual plan, we will provide a deductible credit for the amount you have already paid toward your 2020 annual deductible.
  • The deductible credit is available to everyone, even if your previous employer-sponsored plan was with another carrier.
  • A current Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or deductible balance statement will need to be submitted.

Special Enrollment Period

Short-term plans

  • If you need immediate coverage, you should consider a short-term plan like a MyPriority short-term plan.
  • Affordable plans, starting as low as $100 month.
  • Select your needed length of coverage—one to six months of coverage.

Do you have an individual plan but less income?

If you’ve experienced a decrease in monthly income and purchased your health plan through HealthCare.gov, you must update your Marketplace application to determine coverage or savings eligibility.

Update your Marketplace application.

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