Tips to get the quality care you need at a cost you can afford

Like many people, you probably selected your health coverage with an eye on affordability. But your monthly premium–your highest expense–isn't the only indicator of how much your plan will really cost you month-to-month.

Whether you're happy with your health plan or shopping for a new one, be sure you have a plan that saves you money every time you use it.

Here are five must-haves to help you save money:

  1. Low prescription copays
    Even if you don't take a lot of prescription drugs, the costs can be hard on a budget. It will vary depending on your health condition, but the average cost of prescription drugs per person in the U.S. is $1,300 per year.* Be sure your health plan includes low copays with generic prescription options; the savings could be substantial.
  2. Resources for people with chronic conditions
    Many people face the challenge of chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or asthma. A recent study found that almost 60% of Americans live with at least one chronic health condition, which accounts for 40% of all health spending in the U.S.** Look for a health plan that cares about chronic conditions and their cost and includes coverage for $0 or a low, reliable copay.
  3. Virtual care, or telemedicine
    There's never a convenient time to get sick and that's why having the convenience of 24/7 virtual urgent care for non-emergencies is essential. Find a health plan that includes $0 virtual urgent care with on-demand video visits. It will save you time and money.
  4. A provider network that works for you
    A broad network service area with doctors, hospitals and specialists is vital because going out-of-network to find care will cost you more. Look for a health plan that gives you access to health systems that provide quality care near you and allow you to see specialists in-network without needing a referral. It will save you time, assure quality care and help keep your costs low.
  5. Valuable plan extras
    It's always nice to get more for your money and your health plan should be no different. Many plans include extras with no added charge; extras that can improve your health and wellness, like gym membership discounts and mental health support. Look for other included discounts on hearing aids, tools to help you achieve your goals or global assistance if you get sick while traveling.

After using these five tips when shopping for a health plan, you can spend more of your time and money on your priorities.

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