Requests, complaints, grievances and appeals

Please call us first.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems with your Priority Health plan or the care you receive, or want to ask us to make an exception in your coverage, contact our Customer Service department right away. Our customer service representatives can help resolve questions about:

  • Benefits (including services determined to be experimental or investigational or not medically necessary or appropriate)
  • Eligibility
  • Payment of claims (in whole or in part)
  • How we've handled payment or coordination of health care services
  • Contracts with our health care providers
  • Availability of care or providers
  • Delivery or quality of health care services you received

Calling Priority Health is always the fastest and easiest way to settle your questions, complaints or appeals.

Call the number on the back of your ID card or see a list of phone numbers by plan.

After you've called

If you've called Customer Service and are still not happy with how we've explained or settled your question or request, then you can appeal our initial decision or file a grievance.

Select your plan below to find out how to file an appeal.