Getting care

We’ve made receiving care easier for you by offering tools and resources that are easy to use and easy to access. Whether you want to look for a doctor in your area, set up a virtual visit or research costs from your couch or doctor's office, you can do it anytime, anywhere.


Find a Doctor 

Use our Find a Doctor tool to choose an in-network provider and more.

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Cost Estimator

With Cost Estimator, you can know the cost of your medical service ahead of time.

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Preventive care

Preventive care like well-child visits, flu shots and annual physicals are included in most plans at no cost.

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Prior authorizations

Get a better understanding of services that require authorization before that service is provided.

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Virtual care

Get convenient 24/7 virtual care to treat non-emergencies like the flu, a cold or a fever.

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Travel assistance

Assist America can help you with travel services when you're 100+ miles away from home.

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Drug coverage

Review our Approved Drug List to make sure your prescription is in-network or available at a lower cost.

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The Priority Health Wellbeing Hub is your personal online health and wellbeing dashboard.

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Plan types

Decoding the acronyms: how are HMO, PPO and POS plans different? What do HDHP and HSA mean?

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Urgent care or ER?

Need some help deciding whether to head to an urgent care center or the emergency room?

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Member ID card 

Need help understanding what’s on your member ID card? Let us help.

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Stay confident in your care with a second medical opinion.

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