Emergency travel services

Assist America® provides emergency travel assistance services for Priority Health members and their dependents when traveling more than 100 miles from home or is in a foreign country, for up to 90 consecutive days per trip. If someone becomes ill or injured Assist America provides support with medical referrals, monitoring, evacuation, repatriation and much more.

Assist America can help to:

  • Coordinate your care during a medical travel emergency
  • Provide pre-trip assistance to help you prepare for your travel
  • Find a doctor or pharmacy near you while you're traveling
  • Fill your prescriptions at your destination
  • Locate lost luggage

Assist America features

  • Included in most Priority Health plans
  • Covers the costs of all travel assistance services related to getting quality emergency medical care while traveling, such as medical referrals, critical care monitoring, emergency evacuation and other support measures. Note: Once a qualified doctor or hospital begins care, all treatment costs are subject to the coverage rules of your plan.
  • Available everywhere in the world, regardless of geography or political climate
  • Access to multilingual, medically trained employees anytime, anywhere
  • Pre-trip information including visa requirements, immunization regulations and security advisories
  • No financial cap on services
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions or extreme sports/hazardous hobbies

How to access services

Get help when you need it! Contact Assist America one of the following ways:

  1. Download the Assist America app on Google Play and the App Store
  2. Call Assist America 24/7:
  1. Text 1.609.334.0807
  2. Email medservices@assistamerica.com

Reference Number
When contacting Assist America, provide the reference number for your plan type.

Medicare members:

Group and MyPriority members:

Assist America is a registered service mark of Assist America, Inc