Drug claims requiring NDC numbers

When you submit claims with an HCPC or CPT code for drug reimbursement, you must also submit a corresponding National Drug Code (NDC) number. The NDC number is an 11-digit number that identifies the listed drug and is unique to the product being dispensed.

You must also include your billable charge.

Claims submitted without the NDC number will be denied.

Claims submitted with an invalid or outdated NDC will also be denied.

See information below about entering NDC data on electronic transactions and paper claims.

When an NDC is not required

  • When facilities bill a revenue code that does not require a CPT or HCPC code, i.e., a 250 revenue code
  • On a UB-04 when a CPT code is "N"

Formatting the NDC on the claim

You must enter the NDC in an 11-digit billing format ( see below; no spaces, hyphens or other characters).

If the NDC on the package label is less than 11 digits, you must add a leading zero to the appropriate segment to create a 5-4-2 configuration.

When the label reads:

Reformat it to 5-4-2:
(leading zero added, hyphens removed)

4-4-2: xxxx-xxxx-xx 0xxxxxxxxxx
5-3-2: xxxxx-xxx-xx  xxxxx0xxxxx
5-4-1: xxxxx-xxxx-x xxxxxxxxx0x

Up-front rejections

Missing or invalid NDCs will result in an up-front rejection. Rejection messages for invalid NDCs include:

  • Line Number XX, Missing NDC for HCPCS Code XXXXX
  • Line Number XX, Invalid HCPCS Code XXXXX and/or NDC XXXXXXXXXXX

Electronic ANSI 5010 837P and 8371 transactions

Here are general guidelines for including NDC data in an electronic claim:

  • Product ID Qualifier field: Enter N4, loop ID 2410, segment LIN02
  • National Drug Code field: Enter the 11-digit NDC billing format assigned to the drug administered, loop ID 2410, segment LIN03
  • National drug unit count: Enter the quantity (no. of NDC units), loop ID 2410, segment CPT04
  • Unit or basis for measurement: Enter the NDC unit of measure for the drug given, loop ID 2410, segment CTP05

Include the total charge amount for each line of service for the Monetary Amount in Loop ID 2400, Segment SV102 (professional claims) or SV203 (facility claims).

Entering NDC data on paper claims


  1. In fields 24A-24G, in the shaded section above the procedure code, enter NDC qualifier N4 (left-justified), then one space for separation, then the NDC
  2. Enter the qualifier (UN, ML, GR or F2) for the correct dispensing NDC unit of measure.
  3. Enter the quantity (number of NDC units). Priority Health allows up to three decimals in the NDC units (quantity or number of units) field.


  1. Enter NDC in locator (box) 43, labeled "Description." 
  2. Enter the qualifier (UN, ML, GR or F2) for the correct dispensing NDC unit of measure. 
  3. Enter the quantity (number of NDC units). Priority Health allows up to three decimals in the NDC units (quantity or number of units) field.